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Young and Pearce Solicitors

Young & Pearce, Solicitors,  58 Talbot Street Nottingham NG1 5GL England.
Tel: 0115 959 8888    Fax 0115 947 5572

Solicitors in Nottingham dealing with how to buy bitcoin in south africa licensing law  (liquor gaming and betting) nationally, and also business and property law, conveyancing, employment, divorce, personal injury, wills, road traffic, probate and litigation.  From the East Midlands, we deal with licensing, property and business related work on a national basis.  We also undertake a large amount of work for individuals including conveyancing, personal injury cases, litigation, family matters and criminal cases.
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Registered to ISO 9001:2000  FS27128


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We are well known for our strengths in licensing law, property and commercial work.

The firm is a Quality practice registered with the British Standards buy bitcoin south africa Institution to ISO 9000.  See the page on our Quality System

Click here for details of our association with Legal Recoveries & Collections Limited for bulk commercial debt collection business.

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